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Alone With My Thoughts...
New Stuff 
31st-Jan-2008 06:19 pm - S'been a while..
plot revenge
You Would Be a Pet Cat

Independent and aloof, you don't like to be dependent on anyone.
And as for other people, you can take them or leave them. You often don't care.
You live your life by your own rules. And you have deep motivations that no one truly understands.

Why you would make a great pet: You're not needy or greedy... unlike other four legged friends.

Why you would make a bad pet: You're not exactly running down to greet people at the door

What you would love about being a cat: Agility and freedom

What you would hate about being a cat: Being treated like a dog by clueless humans

You Should Play the Guitar

You're very independent - both in spirit and in the way you learn.
You can teach yourself almost anything, even if it makes your fingers bleed.

You're not really the type to sit patiently through a music lesson - or do things by the book.
It's more your style to master the fundamentals and see where they take you.

Highly creative and a bit eclectic, you need a wide range of music to play.
You could emerge as a sensitive songwriter... or a manic rock star.

Your dominant personality characteristic: being rebellious

Your secondary personality characteristic: tenacity
So, wait... I'm not a beast? *shrug* Eh, I guess this makes sense anyway...

What Disney Prince are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Aladdin

You're Aladdin! You're a street-smart and clever person, with a habit of stealing what you need to survive(Because you're really poor. Sucks for you). You tend to fall in love with people who you fear might be out of your league.





Prince Phillip




The Beast


Prince Charming.


Prince Eric


20th-Sep-2007 03:17 am - So...
Chris was just thinking tonight about how his life'd be different if he'd never left home or joined the BOTB. I kinda felt bad for 'im (yeah, that's right, I actually felt bad for someone) cuz I know he probably would've been way better off but...

...where would I be without Chris...?
17th-Sep-2007 11:32 pm - I'm so bad..
Behold, my wanted poster...

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

and what I'll be famous for...
You will be a Notorious Criminal

Your fame will be gained through your unlawful deeds. You are very smart and will probably get away with it for a long time – if not forever. You are not evil, necessarily, but when you don’t agree with a law, you just ignore it.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com
4th-Aug-2007 03:36 am - Beans, beans...
This made me laugh so hard... which may be a frightening thought to some...

Y'know, I've actually been pretty good lately. I'm finding the internet to be pretty damn amusing, it's getting smirks and smiles outta me. Scary, huh? The only thing is, I'm on far longer than I should be. 9.9; Just when I thought I couldn't get more tired than I already am...
16th-Jul-2007 03:10 am - Uh...
what the hell have I been blogging about...?

Read more...Collapse )
21st-May-2007 05:04 pm - Cuz sometimes quizzes beat boredom..
me in color
Pfft... I could'a told ya this...
You Are Bart Simpson

Very misunderstood, most people just dismiss you as "trouble."

Little do they know that you're wise and well accomplished beyond your years.

You will be remembered for: starring in your own TV show and saving the town from a comet

Your life philosophy: "I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!"

This one's funny cuz Pluto ain't even a planet anymore...
You Are From Pluto

You are a dark, mysterious soul, full of magic and the secrets of the universe.
You can get the scoop on anything, but you keep your own secrets locked in your heart.
You love change and you use it to your advantage, whether by choice or chance.
You don't like to compromise, to the point of being self-destructive with your stubborness.
Live life with love, and your deep powers will open the world to you.

One more...
You're An Angry Drunk

Ever wake up with sore knuckles and a black eye? Thought so.

Hell, I wake up like that even when I don't drink...
Yeah, I'm still alive. I've just been doing everything online except updating my journal. Um, but, everything's okay, I guess. Nothing'll ever be 100% with me, I know, but at least I can take some anger out on some ants...


It's addictive. I spent like an hour and a half on this game alone today. I like upgrading to missle launchers... heh heh heh...
8th-Apr-2007 11:57 pm - whatever..
me in color
Yeah, I'm alive... sorry for not postin' anything in like, forever... but --whatever. XD! It'll be funnier after the video, trust me.

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